How to Test if the Air Scrubber is Working?

How to Test if the Air Scrubber is Working?

Air scrubbers are a great way to purify the air in homes and commercial spaces. Reliance on the ventilation system as the first line of defense doesn't always pay off. Sometimes, the ventilation system could be too old to function properly or needs to work more than it's designed for in busy rooms. However, just like any other machine, negative air machine can also face issues.

So, how do you tell if your air scrubber is working properly and doing its job? Let's look at some of the things that can help you determine that with accuracy.


Check the Airflow

Purisystems Hepa 600 UVIG

One of the simplest ways of telling if the air scrubber is working well is by checking its airflow. For that, you need to understand how it works in the first place. An air cleaner takes in air from the room, cleans it up by removing toxins, and pumps out that clean air. However, if it isn't blowing out clean air, you're most likely facing an issue.

Another way to do it is to check the fan inside the air scrubber. Ideally, the fan should work normally and not put too much effort into pumping out clean air. Usually, a fan that's too loud indicates that the filter needs replacement or there's a bigger issue with your air scrubber. On the other hand, no sound at all means the air purifier isn't pulling in any air at all, which is also problematic.

A Caution: Sometimes, airflow problems happen because the scrubber isn't placed in a well-ventilated area or something is covering the scrubber, obstructing the airflow. 


Test the Filters 

Filters are the reason behind your air scrubber providing you with fresh air. They trap toxins from the air, such as pollens, dirt, mold, and other particles from the air. However, consistent usage leads to a build-up of these particles and eventually clogs the air filter.

These days, some filters have an indicator that tells you when they need a replacement, for example Puricare S1. But checking manually is also advised. That's because filters have a recommended time frame, and they indicate end of life according to that. On the other hand, if you use your scrubber in busy spaces, filters will require replacement much earlier than that. If your scrubber has more than one filter, check all of them.

Here are the things to look for when checking the scrubber filter:

• Discoloration or black spots 

• Any signs of dirtiness

• Mold growth 

These signs mean that the filter needs immediate replacement or it starts throwing the dirty particulates back into your room. Sometimes, these signs aren't enough to tell you if your filter is performing well, as some particles are too small for the naked eye, which is why we need an air quality monitor.

indicator of change filter


Use an Air Quality Monitor 

Using an air quality monitor is the most surefire way to tell if your air scrubber is working well. Thanks to technological progress, we have monitors that provide various metrics to determine whether the air quality is up to the mark. You just need to place them near the air scrubber and test different parameters, such as TVOC and CO2. Any significant changes in their measurement means that air quality has changed, and you need to dig a little deeper.

Here is a simple test to do that: turn the air scrubber off and check the air quality readings in your room. After noting them down, turn the scrubber on and check the differences between the previous and new readings. The difference between the two can definitely be attributed to the air scrubber. If you find no difference, it means that the air scrubber isn't functioning:

It's either pumping out the same air that it intakes without purifying it

Or, it is pumping out no air at all. 


Check the Indicator Lights 

Usually, the commercial air scrubber has indicator lights and a display that shows you if it's working perfectly. These indicators provide valuable insights that help you make an informed decision about your air cleaner health. The best thing about this test is that it's pretty simple.

Check if the indicator lights are blinking when you turn on the air scrubber machine. Similarly, advanced air scrubbers have displays that show PM2.5, VOC, and formaldehyde values. They have sensors that detect changes in air quality and display them as simple numbers on the screen. If your commercial air purifier is working properly, the numbers on the display will go down as the air gets purified. If that's not the case, your scrubber is most likely malfunctioning. 


Chemical Tests 

Chemical test for air quality

Chemical test kits are also available for checking indoor air quality. The strips included in the test kit react to different contaminants and show you the required results. They allow you to test for different pollutants in the air, such as mold, formaldehyde, VOCs, and more. The ideal way to use these kits is to perform the tests at various spots in your home and compare the results.

If the readings show significant differences, the test kit is telling you two things:

Air quality differs in different areas of your home

Or, the scrubber is working and cleaning the air as it should.


Assess the Noise Output 

Noise levels are another good indicator to test the functioning of your air scrubber. The fan installed in the air scrubber rotates at a steady pace for air circulation, which produces some sound. However, hearing excessive noises, such as grinding and rattling, means that there might be something wrong.

One important thing to remember here is that it doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with the device, as the fan itself could be faulty, too. Moreover, someone in your home might have set the scrubber fan to a higher speed, which you can always clock down.

If the settings are fine and the fan is still rattling, the device might be facing an issue.



air scrubbers are a great way of giving your family a healthy lifestyle through clean and fresh air. By performing the tests described in this guide, you can ensure the optimal functioning of your air scrubber and keep breathing clean air.

Something you shouldn't overlook here is the quality of the air scrubber since a higher quality device will always function better for much longer. So, look no further and get it from Purisystems, a leading air solutions manufacturer. We have been in this business for the last 20 years and have won over thousands of customers thanks to our quality and aftermarket support. 

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