Collection: Dust Collectors

The PuriCare air filtration system features a lightweight design and offers two stationary mounting options or can be placed horizontally on a table. The easy-to-clean and replaceable one and five-micron filters effortlessly remove wood chips, dust, mold and dander down to 0.1 micron from the air. With an airflow of 500-1100 CFM, this highly concentrated airflow is an essential air purifier for carving, sanding, turning, scroll sawing, dust mixing and more.

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Enhance Workshop Air Quality: The Power of Purisystems Dust Collectors

Discover the power of clean air with Puirisystems woodshop air cleaner. These high-performance systems are designed to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your workspace by efficiently removing airborne contaminants such as wood chips, dust, mold, and dander. With easy-to-clean and replaceable one and five-micron filters, our dust collectors can filter particles down to 1 micron, ensuring superior air quality in your environment.

Purisystems dust collecting systems are not only powerful, but also user-friendly. Equipped with a remote control, they allow operational access from a distance of up to 26 feet. Whether you work in a woodworking shop or a DIY household, our dust collectors provide the high-quality air filtration you need for good health and productivity.

Our range includes models like the PuriCare 500 and PuriCare 1100IG, each developed with specific needs in mind. The PuriCare 500 is compact yet robust, perfect for smaller workspaces or homes. The PuriCare 1100IG goes a step further with its unique negative ionization technology that generates negative ions for an even healthier environment.