OEM Service

We Offer Four Different Types Of Cooperation

Private Labeling

By changing the packaging and brand identification, you can develop new items with the minimal effort and expense.

Custom Colors

Customize the colors of your items to better match the image of your business.

Custom Function

Adapt or enhance product features to meet your customers' specific needs.

Original Design Manufacture

Design and develop completely new products from scratch for you.

Why Choose Purisystems

Beyond superior products and services, what you get is comprehensive benefit protection in the future!

Professional technology

We have a technical team of 20 people who are always keenly aware of the latest technology, whether it is developing innovative filter designs, improving purification efficiency, or optimizing product performance.Our production team is also a highly efficient and precise team, they rigorously approach each production process to ensure that each product meets strict quality standards. We appreciate each member's attitude of responsibility and excellence in their work.

Global locations

We have two large factories in the U.S. and China that supply us with ample equipment. We also have operation centers and warehouses in the United States, United Kingdom, China and Australia. This extensive layout enables us to provide fast and convenient local service to our customers worldwide. In addition, each operation center has a professional customer service team to assist you with any questions you may have.

Quality assurance

We work with industry-leading suppliers to select high-quality raw materials and components that ensure long life and superior performance. Before products are shipped, they undergo multiple quality tests to ensure that each product can operate stably and efficiently. We also offer a comprehensive warranty service that covers your purchase for up to one year. We will provide you with free repair and replacement services for any quality problems during the warranty period.

Innovative thinking

Our products have evolved over four generations to meet the upgraded needs of our customers. We dare to challenge tradition by abandoning the traditional two-stage filter and replacing it with a more advanced three- and five-stage filter system. It also incorporates UV-C and negative ion technology, giving you a whole new energy to purify the air. As for the design, our products are not only easy to use, but also easy to carry and place.

Fast delivery

We partner with major airlines and top-notch freight forwarders to ensure your orders are delivered quickly and safely. These partners offer flexible and diverse delivery options, and our strict inventory management and transportation agreements ensure product integrity and quality, so you can plan your project with confidence. That means you're not only choosing quality products, but also efficient and reliable delivery.

The choice of the customer

In the last 10 years since our establishment, we have gained 100,000 customers, 90% of whom are satisfied and a large number of whom return to us. This is thanks to our enthusiastic and professional customer service team. Whether it's product selection, the buying process, or after-sales support, we're here to help and ensure you receive accurate and timely information and support.

Customization Process

Our team of professionals will work closely with you to ensure that the products developed are a perfect fit for your brand and market positioning.