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Purisystems Commercial Portable HEPA Air Scrubber HEPA Pro UVIG Air Cleaner Built UV-C Light Professional Water Damage Restoration

Purisystems Commercial Portable HEPA Air Scrubber HEPA Pro UVIG Air Cleaner Built UV-C Light Professional Water Damage Restoration

HEPA Pro UVIG —a must-have solution for combating air pollution. Engineered with a three-stage filtration system comprising pre-filter, HEPA filter, and UV light technology, this device effectively eliminates dust, mold, odors, and smoke, ensuring cleaner and fresher indoor air.

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Air Scrubber



【IMPORTANT】 Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements; cannot be shipped to California.

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Public place like restaurants and hotels are prone to many health and safety issues due to the warm, moist and humid environment of a kitchen, which is constantly cooking and often filled with various gasses and water vapor. This is the ideal breeding ground for mold growth. Customers place great importance on hygiene in the service industry, and if a restaurant fails to maintain a good hygienic environment, it could affect its business.

In the construction and maintenance industry, a lot of dust and particulate matter is generated during the building process, and workplaces are often filled with a variety of harmful dusts, such as cement dust, wood dust and gypsum dust. This dust floats in the air and poses a serious threat to construction workers' respiratory systems, which can lead to various respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and even lung cancer. Effective measures, such as the use of dust extraction systems, are needed to control dust and improve air quality on construction sites to ensure the safety of construction workers.

HEPA Pro UVIG Air Scrubber

HEPA Pro UVIG Air Cleaner

The HEPA Pro UVIG air scrubber uses UV-C light technology to eliminate 99.97% of dust and allergens. This technology is proven to be effective in killing airborne bacteria and viruses and is important for maintaining a hygienic environment in kitchens and restaurants.

With a 3-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, this device effectively removes a variety of airborne contaminants, including gasses and odors. It also prevents the growth of bacteria by improving ventilation and reducing humidity.

Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the unit maintains its performance even in harsh renovation and refurbishment environments.

HEPA Pro UVIG Air Cleaner

HEPA Pro UVIG Air Cleaner


Operating Voltage 115V, 60 Hz Current 7.0 A
Size For 2500 sq.ft Airflow Range 800-2000 CFM
Sound Pressure Level 70 dBA Pre-filter 27 x 25.9 x 0.79 in
HEPA / Carbon Filter 24 x 24 x 11.5 in Unit Weight 152.12 lbs
Shipping Weight 160.94 lbs Unit Dimensions (L x W x H) 34.84 x 27.17 x 25.98 in
Shipping Dimensions (L×W×H) 36 x 30.51 x 29.13 in Loading Quantity 20': 41 sets; 40': 93 sets; 40'HQ: 118 sets

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